Rules, Boat and Entry Fee



- there aren't any (Haha, no such luck)

- Full brief on Sunday evening arrival





  • R 25 000 $ 2 000 € 1 800 £ 1 400
  • SPECIAL NOW ON !!!!!!!

    Only 3 spots up for grabs.....
    SPECIAL PRICE : R 15 000 $ 1 200 € 1 100 £ 900. HURRY....... first come first serve (for June Challenge only)
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  • All accommodation
  • All food and beverage (drink till you drown)
  • All transfers ( once you land we will look after you)
  • pre-race training with local skipper,and theory on navigation
  • Race course navigation charts with co-ordinates of way points
  • Race follow boats monitoring the fleet at all times with a medic
  • Each crew member will be allocated with a satellite tracker
  • Each boat will have two way radio coms with follow boats


  • Your flight to Nosey Be Int. Airport (We can assist in bookings at discounted fares. Plus/minus R13000 Jhb-Nosey Be return. Flight from Europe avalible from Paris and Milan.
  • Visas available on entry. MUST PAY IN USD 40 OR EURO 30 (Make sure you have one or the other)
  • Travel insurance/medical insurance
  • Immunizations-check with local Health regulation. Non for SA


  • Your own GPS
  • Life jacket and head torch
  • Sun block, sunglasses and a cap


  • All you need is a t-shirt or 2. Pair of shorts and some form of foot wear
  • All you extra luggage will be transferred to the next leg. PS. Less is more !!!!!!



Pirogue Stats

Speed: 4 - 12 knots

Hull: 5.5 - 6 metres

Draft: 0.75 metres

Beam: 0.55 metre (hull)

Beam: 4-8 metres (outriggers)

Sail: Lateen/ Settee

Sail area: 31 - 42 m2

Steering: Tiller

**Each boat is hand-made so don't be surprised if yours has slightly different measurements