SUNDAY - Fly to Nosy Be from Jhb South Africa,Milan or Paris. Shuttled to Munga Bay for brief and kit hand out.

MONDAY - Early speedboat to Nosy Iranja (start camp). Check into your beach bungalow. Pirogue allocation with instructor and immediately start sail practice.

TUESDAY - Leg.1 Race to Baramahamay on the main land. Lunch. Leg.2 as the Theleo wind picks up in the afternoon,you will learn how to handle your Pirogue in more challenging conditions back to Iranja(start camp).

WEDNESDAY - Leg.3 circumnavigate Iranja.

THURSDAY - Leg.4 sail to Russian Bay. In the bay there will be a tactical race course set just before you cross the line.

FRIDAY - Leg.5 sail to Sakatia

SATURDAY - Leg.6 final leg. It's fast, long and downwind with a twist. Compulsory beach stop on Tanikely. Then to the finish at Lokobie. Prize giving and then party till you drop.

SUNDAY - Head back to airport.






GPS Coordinates

Latitude and longitude


Leg 1 : Nosy Iranja to Baramahamay


Leg 2 : Baramahamay back to Nosy Iranja


Leg 3 : Circumnavigate Nosy Iranja


Leg 4 : Nosy Iranja to Russian Bay


Leg 5 : Russian Bay to Sakatia


Leg 6 : Sakatia to Lokobie "Finish"

Nosy Iranja

34N 40' 50.12"  -  34S 40' 50.12"



34N 40' 50.12"  -  34S 40' 50.12"


Circumnavigate Nosy Iranja


Russian Bay 

34N 40' 50.12"  -  34S 40' 50.12"



34N 40' 50.12"  -  34S 40' 50.12"



34N 40' 50.12"  -  34S 40' 50.12"